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When I was a kid, one of my pals had a huge Rottweiler named Ben. I was both terrified and fascinated by this majestic beast of a dog. I told myself, "When I grow up, I'm gonna get me a Rottweiler!" Sure enough, when I was 18, I found an ad in the newspaper for Rottweiler puppies. In alignment with my newfound radio alias, I named him "Nyce". He became my literal "road-dog" as we traveled from city to city in pursuit of my radio dreams.

After a long life, he passed, and I waited a year or so before I got my next pup ... Neo. Then I found my first girl, Trinity, followed by Nyla and Truth. Trinity and Truth fell in love and eventually blessed the world with one litter of pups. 

I'll share some photos of My Rottweiler Squad below. 

Part of my motivation for doing so, is to highlight the loving and gentle nature of this breed. Unfortunately, television has often cast the Rottweiler breed as the evil villains in their movies, thereby, casting a huge shadow onto their reputation. This causes ignorant humans to be fearful of them, and many HOAs, apartments and campgrounds discriminate against them, using terms such as "aggressive." If we really want to consider aggression in dogs, have you ever been around a Chihuahua?

Just like humans, dogs are an extension of their owners (parents) and how they were raised. Could you imagine if places were allowed to discriminate against Men aged 21-35, because they are the demographic most likely to commit a crime? Or Humans over 6 feet tall or humans over 200 lbs, because they would cause someone the most bodily harm if an altercation were to happen. 

We're Sorry: No Men 21-35 or Humans Over 6 ft or 200 lbs Allowed on Premises.

I hope you'll consider this as you enjoy the photos of my beloved pups below.


The Rottweiler Whisperer. 

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