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I was born on a symmetrical date. 

Leo the Lion. King of the Jungle. 

I published Book 1 on 011110 (symmetry).

I published Book 2 on 012210 (symmetry).

321-12 I published Book 3 (321-12 3).

Nobody read them, so I quit promoting them shortly thereafter.

Guess I'm not that cool after all. 

It's kinda funny, though. I started off as a Rabbit, and evolved into a Turtle. The Turtle wins the race, however. 

Book 1 (Follow The White Rabbit: Coincidences Don't Exist) and Book 2 (Your Truth Will Set You Free) compliment each other. A chapter in Book 1 will connect to a chapter in Book 2, in a circular fashion. Always remember: Life is Circles. Book 3 (Observations of a Rational Mind) was a bit different, and kinda snarky, mainly observing situations in society that need to be analyzed from a rational perspective. 

Each book contains 66 relatively short chapters, covering a wide variety of topics. Of the nearly 200 chapters, some include: Reading is Power, The Path of Truth, Truth Heals, God Winks, The Seasons of Life, Tragedy to Triumph, True Abundance, Name-Brand Insecurities, A Good Night's Sleep, You Never Fail to Succeed, Decisions Determine Destiny, Cultivate Empathy, Demonstrate Compassion, Don't Be a Hater ... Be An Appreciator, Whatever You Want ... Give to Another, Life is Circles, Work Ethic, Accountability, How to Make Your Man Shut-Up and Love You, Perfect Practice, Hurry Up and Be Patient, Go to Your Kid's Games, Always Speak Truthfully, The Power of Sobriety, Drugs Are Bad, 30 Day Challenges, Change is God's Fertilizer, Who Goes Where?, The Process, Spiritual Hydrogen-Peroxide, What is Love?, Loving Relationships Work Because There is No Work, How to React (Create) When a Relationship Ends, Exit Now, Your Haters Are Miserable, You Can't Save Everybody, The Prison of Fame, Anger, The Dangerous Ego, Amazing Grace, The Legend of Grandpa Bill, What's Your Excuse?, Become the Teacher, When Success is Failure or Failure is Success, Being a Great Parent or Mentor, Proper Perspective, Coincidences Don't Exist, Revelation Takes Time, Simplify, Consistent Contentment, If You Can Read This, You're Already Rich, The Importance of Adversity, You Can Only Connect the Dots Looking Backwards, Sometimes It's Best to Punt, How to Regain Your Personal Power, Be Spontaneous: Just Say Yes!, How to Destroy Worry, This Too Shall Pass, The Unexpected Death of My Dog, Choosing to Gossip Will Poison You, Today (Every Day) is the Best Day of my Life!, Confession Cleanses the Soul, Let There Be Spaces in Your Togetherness, Relationships are Like Joint Bank Accounts, How to Never Be Lied to Again, Forgive & Forget: Only One is Possible, Are You Addicted to the Past?, I Know Where Happiness Lives, Unlocking Your Locks: The Key to Paradise, Babies Shouldn't Run Marathons, How to Be Lazy & Stupid, Diagnosing Your Facebook & Twitter Addictions, Pretty Girls Make Guys Stupid, Daddy Discrimination, Average Women are More Powerful Than Kings, People Who Annoy You Make You Whole, My Homeless Homies, The Importance of Remembering Names, Listen Like a Dog, The Art of Fighting Without Fighting, Forgiveness. 

In Follow The White Rabbit, when I say, "Coincidences Don't Exist," that's simply my unique way of saying, "There's no such thing as a coincidence." In other words, when a Synchronicity aka "meaningful coincidence" presents itself, we must pay attention to it. Take into consideration the details surrounding the coincidence, meditate on that info, and use the corresponding insight as a tool to help guide your decision-making, thereby, leading you to your Highest Path.

In mathematics, when two angles coincide, they fit together perfectly. Why did our paths cross? Coincidence? Or was it arranged in The Realm of Perfection ... where your Highest Self exists? Now you have to discover WHY. Could a single chapter in one of my Books bring you that clarity, thereby, leading you back to your Highest Path?

In Your Truth Will Set You Free, I'm not saying that there aren't Universal Truths, aka 1+1 = 2. I'm simply encouraging the idea of "Temet Nosce," as referenced in the movie The Matrix. This simply means, "Know Thyself." In other words, you must DYOR, as we say in the Crypto community. This means, "Do Your Own Research." In the many different areas of life (self-awareness, history, relationships, religion, spirituality, politics, news media, television programming, finance, health, medicine, existence, etc.), you need to form your own conclusions, based on your own research aka cultivating your own truths about these topics, instead of allowing others to program you with their ideas about the world. When you know you've thoroughly examined the many areas of life and formed your own objective conclusions, only then can you be truly free ... while living your own truth, based on your balanced research and self-reflection. In this book, I simply share my own truths regarding a wide-variety of topics, and at the end of each chapter ask you, "What does Your Truth say?"

You can order my books from Amazon ... in Paperback with FREE Prime Delivery ... or download them instantly to your Kindle. If you don't own a Kindle, you can download the free Kindle App, and read them on your phone.

If you understand that reading is power, and would like to read my three books ... click HERE

Please keep in mind, that these books were written more than a decade ago, so some of my perspectives have evolved, as should yours. 

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